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Antibiotic vs Probiotic

It’s really frightening when your child has a fever and infection, especially so when they’re very young. The first port of call for parents who have a sick child is usually the GP and in urgent situations, the hospital. The most common medication prescribed in these instances are antibiotics, which in most cases bring about relief […]


Ear health and Down syndrome

Having healthy ears that are free from fluid, mucus and infection is important for the development of speech, balance and a child’s physical and emotional comfort. Unfortunately ear problems are rife with approximately 75% of all children visiting a doctor least once before they turn three with an ear complaint. As we know children with […]


Vitamin E and Down syndrome

Vitamin E is a superhero nutrient, with multiple benefits for children and young adults with Down syndrome, which have been well researched and documented. Vitamin E is naturally occurring in certain foods, added to some processed foods and also taken as a supplement. It’s main function is that of an antioxidant, providing protection to the […]


Why parents are choosing a natural way

When you received the news that your baby had Down syndrome, you were most likely given a list of health complications that your child may experience, with little guidance as to treatment options, other than regular testing for hearing, eyesight, heart and hopefully thyroid. As a parent it’s natural to want to protect your child […]


Natural remedies for exhaustion

Negotiating this modern world can be a very stressful and busy affair, with so many things to juggle. Looking after children, managing a household and or a job, can mean that energy levels deplete and we can start to feel wired and tired. When you add to this regular picture of life, all the added […]


Constipation solutions

When a child has constipation, it can be a worry for a parent and extremely uncomfortable for a child, often making them feel pretty grumpy. The bowel is one of the major organs of detoxification, therefore dealing with constipation is an important issue to address. The longer a stool remains in the colon, the more […]


Rethink Zinc

Those of us in the Southern hemisphere are currently preparing ourselves and our children for winter, so immune boosting strategies are a hot topic right now. I was talking to a Biochemist the other day about viruses, in particular the cold and flu variety and how best to treat them. Our conversation came round to […]


Please eat something!

Ok, so let’s start tackling some of these fussy eaters shall we! Let me just start by saying that I’ve been at my wits end at times, trying to get my son to eat a proper meal, so if you’re struggling, you have my empathy, it can be frustrating and make you feel very anxious […]

Standing on the shoulders of giants

Today is the official launch of the Three 21 Wellness Foundation and World Down Syndrome Day 2016. As we celebrate the amazing achievement of our children and the gifts that they bring in to our lives and others, I wish to dedicate this news post to the wellness educators and practitioners, who’s work has shaped […]