Hi, this is a picture of me and my four year old son Oliver, taken outside the art’s centre in Melbourne.

Since Oliver’s birth, like many mums, I have spent a vast amount of time researching ways in which I can support my sons health, because I care and largely out of necessity, because children don’t come with a manual, right!

After Oliver’s birth, I was left with a long list of health complications to expect, with little advice as to how I can manage them. I was frightened, lost, overwhelmed and often felt hopeless.

As a Naturopath, I did have a head start in understanding the way in which the body works and how to support it with natural therapies and medicines, however it was a while before I really switched on to the fact, that I had to learn a whole new language, with respect to the unique biochemistry, that comes along with an extra chromosome.

Before Oliver arrived, I had enjoyed a varied and wonderful career as a Naturopath. I ran a small but successful private practice in the UK and Melbourne, which I combined with  lecturing in nutrition and running my own courses and workshops. I also worked as a freelance health writer and combined my love of food and nutrition into a series of popular cooking classes for both adults and children.

Since Oliver’s birth, I’ve run a few online nutrition courses and have nearly completed an e-book that looks at natural ways of treating chronic insomnia. I’m currently running a private facebook page for mum’s to share cooking and nutrition information, with a view to writing a cookbook containing recipes for children with Down Syndrome.

I wanted to start this website because I don’t think any parent should have to resort to scouring through endless, complicated, overwhelming and often conflicting information on the internet, in order to find ways in which to support the health of their child.

My dream is that Three 21 Wellness will become an oasis for parents,  a place to turn to during stressful and confusing times and a resource for realistic natural health care solutions for their children with Down Syndrome.

Helen Goodwin